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Santa Claus has a total of twelve elks. It is said that there were only nine at first, and three more were borned in the offspring, which turned into a full twelve. Each name is different, there are lightning, thunder, fireball, but also called Cupid, olive, comet or fireball. One of the most famous elk is Rudolf. It is born with a red nose and is often teased by other elk, but on a Christmas night with a big snow, Rudolph uses his red nose as a signal in the dark. The lost elks gathered together, and later Santa took the red nose Rudolph to take the other elks to catch up. Since then, regardless of the rain and snow, Rudolph's red nose penetrated the fog like a lighthouse, leading Santa to bring happiness to children. Purchase GS-JJ cheap Christmas Elk pins for your friends as Christmas gifts, it can bring you the best wishes!

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