Product Description

Product Name: MonoPotassium Phosphate( MKP 0-52-34)

CAS No.: 7778-77-0

Chemical/ Molecular Formula: KH2PO4

Molecular Weight: 136


Product Specification




Tech grade

Superior grade


Colorless or white crystal

Colorless or white crystal

Main content




Potassium(as K2O)






PH value




3ppm max



10ppm max



20ppm max


Product Benefits

Used as a high quality fertilizer material in agricultural crops. It is applied after being dissolved in water through the irrigation system or as a foliar spray. Used in ruminant feeds as a source of phosphorous and nitrogen; Used as a basic raw materials for N.P.K compound fertilizer. Used as ferment agent, nourishment, and so on.


Packing: Woven bag or paper bag with liner. According to customers’ demand.

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