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Egret so-called duct pipe wrap tape is used a lot for sealing water leakages and repair, it is also called as duck tape or cloth tape. Important to realize, as it is can be used for repair or seal the duct works, so it is named duct tape. The base material is scrim fabrics or cloth, laminated with polyethylene, and coated with aggressive synthetic rubber or hot melt adhesive. Moreover, the total thickness of duct tape can be from 150 microns to 200 microns. In particular, the material has very good water resistance, high tensile strength. Plus, it is easy to tear by hand, and excellent adhesion properties. Furthermore, it has outstanding softness and conformity, elasticity features. As a result, duct tape is very suitable for wrapping the air ducts, seal the water leakage.

Duct Tape MaterialSpecifications

Product Characteristics

Performance Data

Test Method

Total Thickness

160 microns (6.4 mil)

PSTC-133/ASTM D3652

Cloth Weaves

35 mesh

PSTC-133/ASTM D3652


Grey, white, red, etc.

Visual Inspection

Peel Adhesion

13 N/25mm (46.8 Oz/In)

PSTC-101/ASTM D3330

Static Shear

≥24 Hours

PSTC-107/ASTM D3654

Tensile Strength

85 N/25mm (19.3 Lb/In)

PSTC-131/ASTM D3759

Elongation at Break

PSTC-131/ASTM D3759

Service Temp.

-20 ~ +80℃(-4 ~ +176 °F)

Features of Duct Tape

PE-fabric backing with high tensile strength

Coated with aggressive rubber adhesive

Grey, white, brown, silver, yellow, red color are available

Extremely easy for hand-tear, easy-used by workers

Tear cleanly without loose thread hanging off the end

Excellent resistance to moisture and vapor

Combination of baking material ensures high flexibility and conformability

Process of Duct Tape Production

First, we formulate the duct tapebase material with fabric, cloth scrims, and then we dye the fabrics with different colors, black, white, red, blue, green, etc.

Second, we laminate the polyethylene on the cloth fabrics. Important to realize, PE purpose is to enhance the water resistance and tensile strength.

Third, we coate the strong rubber adhesive or hot melt adhesive on the cloth backing.

Finally, we use our lathe slitting machines to cut the jumbo rolls to different standard or nonstandard width and length of small rolls. Important to realize, the jumbo size is 1060mmx500m.

FAQ of Duct Tape

What is a Duct tape?

Duct tape is also named cloth tape, PE-fabric scrim with adhesive


What is Duct tape used for?

It is used for repairing, sealing, protection in building industries.


What is difference between cloth tape and duct tape?

Normally they are the same. Duct tape can be also called cloth tape.


Can duct tape stop leaks?

Sure yes. It can stop the leakage of water.

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