Steel shot blasting machineis one kind of roller conveyor shot blasting machines. It can remove all rust, corrosion and mill scale from steel plate and provides ideal surface finish (SA2.5) for securing a continuous and effective bond between the steel surface and coat. Our company' s shot blaster for saleand used shot blaster for sale.

QINGGONG's steel shot blastingmachine features:

Conveying system:

Component: rollers, chain, reducer, sprocket cover, and roller support.

A roller is first welding and then processing, to ensure the concentricity of the roller

The material of roller is 45# carbon steel, it can use 8-10 years.

Both sides of the roller are equipped with sprocket covers to protect the sprockets and spindle nose.

The roller support has secondary reinforcement, it is enough to load the workpiece.

steel plate shot blasting machine 2

Blasting Chamber:

Steel plate shot blasting machine’s chamber component: shot blasting chamber, front and rear sealing room, sand-guide channel and others.

The engineering team uses 3-D dynamic simulation design blast turbines layout to ensure that the steel shot ray can cover the surface of the workpiece 360 degrees.

Shot blasting chamber with ZGMn13 steel guard plate, long service life.

Six layers of protection curtain to prevent the shot balls spatter out during blast cleaning. The curtain layers are natural rubber material with leaf spring which can automatically reset, ensure the sealing of the machine.

High chrome wear-resistant cast iron grate guard plate which protects the screw conveyor and prevents big clump to get into the hopper damaging the bottom screw conveyor.

steel plate shot blasting machine 3

Abrasive cleaning up system:

Abrasive cleaning up system consists of brush, screw conveyor, abrasive blowing fan and lifting mechanism. This system can remove the steel shot left on the plate after blasting.

The material of brush is high strength polyamide nylon, it has enough elasticity to sweep the 95% abrasive accumulated on the steel plate into the screw conveyor.

High-pressure abrasive blowing fan blows off un-collected steel shot on the plate to brush. In this way, the whole system recycles all the abrasive from the steel plate.

The lifting mechanism can automatically adjust the height of the brush, screw and abrasive blowing fan according to the thickness of the steel plate, to meet the needs of the customer.

Sandblasting RoomBody

The wall of the sandblasting equipment body uses a noise attenuation sandwich panel with glass wool interlayer and abrasion-resistant rubber liner. The rubber liner also has the noise attenuation function.

As the shot blasting machine manufacturer, QINGGONG MACHINERY mainly supplies four types of partial reclaim systems, including sweep-chute floor, single screw, H-shaped partial reclaim system, and U-shape partial reclaim system.

QINGGONG MACHINERY also offers a full spectrum of blast room reclaim floor designs and configurations. Our full floor reclaim system requires merely a shallow concrete foundation. The type of sandblasting room is carefully designed to lift working effiency.

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