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Among manufacturing industries, process automation solutions is an irresistible trend. As each customer has their own special needs or assembly purpose, various types of technology modules will be required to integrate a complete automation line. In order to fulfill the requirements of different customers, we have gained expertise of a large amount of intelligent automation technologies. With the use of these technologies, the production efficiency could be improved, the labor cost could be decreased and the quality can be controlled. Below is a summary of technologies that you may require for your automation:

Robot Feeding Application

Full automatic feeding machine, can automatic identify the defective product in key assembly station and discharge it. Improved the production efficiency and decreased the labor cost.


Substitute for man


Capacity upgrading


Advantage promotion


Return cycle

Automatic AssemblyYiheda has many years of experience in developing automated assembly machine. The Automated assembly machine and assembly systems can help you deliver a new product to the marketplace in a short time.

Automatic WeldingYiheda automatic welding machines are much faster than skillful human welders can ever hope to be, and produce decent workmanship despite their greater speed. An automatic welder is roughly eight times faster than a manual welder.

Visual InspectionVisual inspection is simple and less technologically advanced compared to other methods. Compared to other methods, it is far more cost effective and is one of the easiest inspection techniques to perform.

Laser MarkingYiheda automatic laser marking machines adapt with various lasers and powers and thus always allow the most economical and optimal configuration for the application in question.

Recording and TraceabilityThe Recording and Traceability system has been widely used in various industries. It is actually a kind of production control system that can carry out forward, reverse or non-directional tracking of products.

ConveyingConveyors are machines which carry products from one place to another. There are a large number of different types of conveyor, designed to convey different types of product or to perform particular tasks.


Automation can be defined as the technology by which a process or procedure is performed without human assistance.

In other words, Automation or automatic control, is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens, switching on tele networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications and vehicles with minimal or reduced human intervention. Some processes have been completely automated.

Why is automation so widely used today?

Most of mechanical automation devices are able to automatically process and control the information, they are more sensitive, accurate and wider than manual in inspection area. The automatic control system makes sure that the execution of mechanism is conform to the design, which will be not affected by operators. Thus the production efficiency and quality can be ensured indirectly. For example, the CNC machine is mare stable and its production efficiency is 2 to 6 times of the ordinary machine; if the machine is equipped with flexible manufacturing system the utilization can make 1.2 to 3.2 times better, the number of machine tools can be reduced by 20%, the manpower can be reduced by 20%, the lead time can be reduced by 40% and the cost can be reduced by 20%. Besides, the mechanical automation devices can be adjusted by programming, so they are especially suitable for the production of multi-variety and small-batch products. In general, they are the good method for manufacturers to shorten the product development cycle and accelerate the upgrade.

Mechanical automation devices generally can automatically self-monitor, self-alarm, self-diagnosis, self-protect. When devices overload, overpressure, overcurrent, short circuit and meet other power failure during running, they will automatically start the protection program which will avoid accidents and improve the safety. Mechanical automation devices is consist of many electronic components, which reduce the movable components and wear parts, then they are more sensitivity and reliable, thus the failure rate is reduced and service life is longer.

The mechanical automation devices is adjustable by programming to meet various requirements and no need to change any components and parts. If the devices can memorize data, engineers can design several kinds of program and input in the devices, then the devices can change the execution base on different products and programs. Automated inspection and automatic monitoring of mechanical automation devices can automatically prevent failures in the working process and self-restore. Since the widespread adoption of program control and digital display in mechanical automation devices, the operation buttons and handle are reduced, so the operation is more convenient and simple. The motion of the mechanical automation devices is controlled by electronic control system, so they can recently complete all motions. The advanced mechanical automation devices can automatically optimize the operation base on the mathematical model of products and the change of the external parameters.

Mechanical automation devices are compound and widely applicable, which get rid of the restriction of single function and technology of mechanical and electrical products. The automation level of them is improved greatly. The flexible and intelligent mechanical automation devices can automatically control, compensate, calibrate, adjust and protect themselves, so they can be applied to different occasions and different fields, to meet different requirements.

Mechanical automation devices are knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive. High level of automation can reduce labor intensity, prompt the factory automation, office automation, agricultural automation, transportation, automation, and even home automation.

Non-standard automation equipment industry as a whole presents an obvious upward trend, that is, non-standard automation equipment market has broad space, and even some traditional industries may become the most potential market. However, the number of non-standard enterprises in China is relatively large; the scale is small; the technology is backward; competition homogeneity is also obvious shortcomings, and in this field there is a gap of at least 10 years with developed countries. New non-standard automation equipment is often mechanics equipment, making full use of the latest achievements of information technology. Designers in some Chinese enterprises are not familiar with the products, dare not or will not choose them, which greatly limits the improvement of the level. Many core technologies are not really independent, and it is obviously difficult to reduce the cost of importing equipment. At present, high-end products, such as industrial robots and servo motors, are still mainly imported from abroad.

Although the non-standard automation equipment industry as a whole presents an obvious trend, the market space of non-standard automation equipment is vast, and even some traditional industries may become the biggest market potential. However, with the growth of similar enterprises in China, the proportion of non-standard automation products produced in China is steadily increasing.

Anbit Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional automation machinery companies, we provide manufacturing systems technology, automated manufacturing systems technology, manufacturing and automation technology, manufacturing automation technology, assembly and automation technology, automated manufacturing technology, intelligent industrial systemsand etc. Want to know application of automation in manufacturing? Please contact us.

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