PS Sheet Extrusion Line

The PS sheet production line of JWELLmachineryis divided into:

GPPS plate production line:

ordinary GPPS plate is mainly used for advertising, decoration, decoration, craft products, specimen signs, etc; Electroplated rear plate is used for vacuum electroplated plastic lens.

Lighting light guide plate

Used for advertising decoration such as ultra-thin light box, LED flat panel display lamp and poster frame; Liquid crystal light guide plate is used for computer, TV and other liquid crystal display components. The PS foam sheet extrusion lineprovided by JWELL can also be used to process PMMA or PC diffusion plates.

PP, PS blister sheet and stationery decorative sheet production line:

PP and PS sheets from PP and PS sheet extrusion line are widely used, and can be directly used for the packaging of food and electronic products after Blister molding; Various transparent, two-color.

Frosted, 3D stationery piece. The multi-layer coextrusion production line can be customized according to customer requirements, and the output ranges from 100-1200kg / h.

PP, EVA, EVOH multilayer co-extrusion barrier sheet production line:

Due to the increasingly stringent requirements of the market for products, Suzhou JWELLextruder Chinahas developed advanced five-layer symmetric and seven layer asymmetric distribution technology, which makes the products produced by the equipment obtain better performance.

The composite high barrier fresh-keeping packaging sheet is mainly used in jelly packaging, food packaging such as high-grade meat food, fast food rice, medicine, cosmetics, and so on.

Description About PS Sheet Extrusion Line

Place of origin


Brand name


Model number

JW120 JW150



Minimum order quantity

1 set

Packaging details

Wooden pallet packing

Delivery time


Specifications of PS Sheet Extrusion Line


Suction package sheet

Stationery decoration sheet

GPPS sheet production line

Raw material




Production thickness(mm)

Products Width(mm)




Output (kg/h)




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