Plastic Crusher

Configuration:semi-automatic and full automatic

Crushing chamber size:range from 310*240mm to 1000*650 mm

Working capacity:100kg/h-1500kg/h

Electricity:380v, 50 Hz. Can be customize for free.

Power:5.5 kw-30 kw

Fixed blade quantity:2 pieces

Rotary blade quantity:9 pieces-18 pieces

NOTE:Plastic crusher is crucial in the waste plastic recycling process, we provide different models for various plastic character.

Waste Plastic Crushing Machine Introduction

Scrap plastic crusherrefers to plastic granulator sometimes, which can cut carious plastic scrap into small uniform pieces quickly and efficiently for further treatment. In order to work well withPET bottle washing line,PP film washing lineandPlastic pyrolysis production, we designed two type plastic crusher, that is plastic Rigid Lump Crusher and PP PE Film & bag crusher. They are differ in the working efficiency and crushing system design, both of them can process the plastic correctly before further procedure.


  1. Wear-resisting blades ensure a longer service period.
  2. All knives are easily adjustable with hydraulic assisted access to the cutting chamber.
  3. Unique crushing system will push the input material crushed continuously in the crushing chamber to become a certain size can go through the screen filter.
  4. Compact knife structure guarantee a low powder cutting ratio in the crushing, which it’s a great help for the further procedure.
  5. Easy to operate and low maintenance cost.

Thanks to 22 years' experience in manufacturing industrial and the incessant technological research aimed at improving and perfecting productive processes have stimulated Rotecho to step forward constantly, to the point of becoming a leader in the industry of waste recycling machine.RFQ today!

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