Paper Cardboard Recycling

Configuration:semi-automatic and fully automatic configuration

Raw material:scrap paper, waste cardboard, newspaper, sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, rice stalk pulp etc.

Working efficiency:370 pcs/h - 6000 pcs/h

Application:food container, egg & fruit package, service plate, industrial package for appliance etc.

Mould type:ABS made, Aluminium made, copper made (mold type depends on the product character, we accept customize service.)

NOTE:working efficiency depends much on the transmission system configuration, please confirm the working efficiency before the order.PULP MOLDING MACHINE INTRODUCTION

Paper plate moulding machineis also named as pulp thermoforming machineor paper molding machine, it is a stereo paper manufacturing technology, which means to shape the fine pulp fiber into a certain size by different mould. We adopts advanced vacuum technical in the forming process system, that pulp fiber will be attached on the mould net surface, redundant water will be removed at the same time, deposited pulp fiber will form a certain shape, air compressor flow complete the de-mould excellently. For the mould charging system, we have two mature design, one type is transfer the wet paper mould to the drying system to end a complete working cycle, the other is high temperature drying and sterilization processing to get a dry tableware plate box within a short seconds.

Rotecho provide four types pulp molding machine based on the different application field.

* Food field:Take-out service generates a large demand of the biodegradable disposable food package, based on market demand, ROTECHO develop an advanced technology to recycle sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, rice stalk pulp, begasse pulp, reed pulp etc into different tableware.

* Agriculture & Industrial field:With the consumption of egg and fruit, we made innovation in our technology to recycle waste paper and make egg tray, egg carton, apple tray, paper fruit container, seedling tray, garden pot, coffee cup tray etc.

* Industrial & Medical field:For the pulp molded product's special feature and degradable, ROTECHO can recycle various waste paper and cardboard to make different types appliance package, wine tray, shoes tray, corner cushion, paper-made medical nursery plate, bedpan, paper bowl etc.

Rotechois devoted to supplying various recycling machines. If you want to know more about the paper moulding machine price, just contact us! We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together.

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