Frozen Blackcurrant

SPEC: Whole Diameter: 6-15mm; VARIETY: Heifeng, Hanfeng; SEASON: July-September

Product Description

The edible part of whole, fresh and sound black current free from deterioration, containing all its essential constituents and sufficiently ripe. Raw material to be selected, inspected and individually quick frozen, and sorted. The Products have to be uniform on Quality, and practically free from impurities, free flowing. The product is free from insects, pest, spoliation, disease, decay and purities. Deep frozen, cultivated, unwashed.

Production must have been executed in accordance with HACCP Standards.


Colour:typical black colourof the raw materials

Taste: typical of the raw materials, without any off-taste.

Packing: 10kg/carton or as per customer’s request

Foreign substance: non existence

Broken pieces: non existence

Metal/glass/plastic/stone/wood/sand/soil or any other foreign body:non-existence.

Contamination: pesticides, fungicides, metalsin line withimport countryregulations and China National Standards.

Microbiological Descriptionof

(1) TPC<500,000CFU/G

(2)Yeast <500CFU/G

(3) Mould<500CFU/G

(4) Salmonella negative/25g

(5) Coliforms <1000CFU/G

(6) E.coli NIL<10CFU/G

Storage, shelf life and transporting conditions

Products must be kept at a temperature of minus 18℃ or less to maintain its required condition and attain a shelf life of 24 months in unopened packs. Transported also at or under temperature of minus 18℃.

By waterproof cardboard carton with polyethylene liner.

Storage & shipment condition: deep frozen, store at less than minus 18℃.

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