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Hebei Agrilinks Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

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Hebei Agrilinks Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. is a trading company established in 2006, specializing in line with professional staff as a team with experiences from 1997. We are responsible for the arrangement and execution of contracts' from manufacture to factories, the export process, logistics, Quality assurance, etc.

The focus of our theme is to supply the and also Cash and Carry groups and retailers with products fitting their specifications and price targets.

We are growing with the basic sales turnover more than 10 million US dollars.

We provide a one stop shop for a Year to Year, One Price Supply service to our clients.

We deal with Chinese agricultural products including , vegetables and mushrooms etc. with experiences tracing back to 1997. After years of exporting practice, we have established close and stable relationship with over 50 countries and regions with annual volume more than 13,000 tons .

We focus on product quality under the management by professional QC team from field to workshops to your table. Quality control and production supervision provide the food safety guaranty for customers. We conduct systematic traceability from raw material plantation and pesticide control during growing, to the final food processing control system including hygiene operation standard program, good manufacturing practice, hazard analysis and critical control points in all links from harvest to delivery.

Each product is carried out pesticide residue and microbiology testing by internal and external lab and authorities before dispatching, to fulfill our mission for customers to eat safe, healthy and hygienic products.

"Quality Safe, Supply Stable" is our motto for a long-term cooperation with customers.

Your demand, our direction. Your satisfaction, our goal.


Frozen Spring Onion
Frozen Spring Onion SPEC: 4-6mm rings, 10-12mm cuts, 30-50mm cuts; Dia: 6-12mm; SEASON: April Product Description Produced from fresh spring onions which have be...
Agrilinks Frozen gooseberry
Agrilinks Frozen gooseberry SPEC: Dia 8-15mm; VARIETY: cultivated; SEASON: July Product Description should correspond with the definition «IQF», i.e. should be qu...
Frozen Mandarin segment whole
Frozen Mandarin segment whole SPEC: 3-5cm; VARIETY: Chinese variety; SEASON: July to November Product Description should correspond with the definition «IQF», ...
Frozen Blackcurrant
Frozen Blackcurrant SPEC: Whole Diameter: 6-15mm; VARIETY: Heifeng, Hanfeng; SEASON: July-September Product Description The edible part of whole, fresh and sou...
Горошек замороженный
Горошек замороженный SPEC: Length: 4-8.5cm, Thickness: 9-12mm VARIETY: China origin SEASON: May-February   Product Description   should be produced according to HACCP...
Frozen 3-mix bell pepper strips
Frozen 3-mix bell pepper strips SPEC: according to buyer's requirement; VARIETY: red & yellow & green pepper; SEASON: July to October. Product Descriptionof Produce...
Frozen Yellow bell pepper slices
Frozen Yellow bell pepper slices SPEC: Width: 5-8mm, 8-10mm, Natural Length; VARIETY: Sweet Pepper; SEASON: July-December. Product Description should be produced according to HAC...
замороженная Капуста Романеско
замороженная Капуста Романеско SPEC: 20-40mm,40-60mm; VARIETY: romanesco; SEASON: December-February Product Description should be produced according to HACCP and good manuf...
замороженный красный перец
замороженный красный перец SPEC: 20*20mm, 30*30mm; VARIETY: Sweet Pepper; SEASON: July-December   Product Description  should be produced according to HACCP and good manufac...
Спаржа зеленая замороженная
Спаржа зеленая замороженная SPEC: Stripe length: 11cm, 15cm, 17cm, +/-5mm; Diameter: 6-8mm, 8-10mm, 10-16mm, 16-22mm VARIETY: green asparagus SEASON: April-July   Product Des...