QT-AT 502 Portable Chlorophyll Meter

Product description: QT-AT 502 Chlorophyll Meter can measure chlorophyll content of plants. Chlorophyll content is an important index of plant growth. This instrument is powerful, portable, and easy to use. It does no harm to plants. Users just need to put a leaf tissue larger than 3mm in the aperture, and then press the button to get the chlorophyll content reading.


· The measurements can be designated to up to 500 plant names;

· With a storage of 5000 data;

·Be able to delete recent or all of the data

·Designated plant names can be uploaded to the instrument from a computer and data can be downloaded to a computer via USB interface.


Measurement System

Optical Density Difference between wavelength of 650 nm and 940 nm

Measurement range

0 to 99.9 SPAD


Standard Deviation less than 1


4 buttons, one is for measurement


2 lines x 16 characters

Data Storage

5000 data, including data with designated plant names; The name is up to 32 characters (only only 28 characters shown);

Power Source

2 AA 1.5V batteries

Battery life

5,000-30,000 measurements per set of 2 batteries, depending on the usage and battery type;

Measurement time

Less than 1 second;


164 x 78 x 49mm (W×H×D);


225g (without batteries);



Automatic shutdown

1 minute without operations (10 minutes with USB connection)


The software can upload designated plant names to the instrument, also the data can be downloaded to the computer via USB interface. The software can run successfully under Windows 2000/XP/Vista system.

Made in China.

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