Source: synthesis

Synonym: Calcium β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate

Molecular formula: C10H18O6Ca.H2O

Molecular weight: 292

Appearance: white powder

Specification: ≥ 98%

HMB manufacturer:Shaanxi Youbio Technology Co.,Ltd


HMBCa is the abbreviation of calcium β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate which is widely present in plants and animals, such as alfalfa, grapefruit and catfish.

HMB is an intermediate metabolite of the essential amino acid leucine, and the human body can also produce a small amount of HMB. With normal diet, the human body can produce about 300 to 400 mg per day, 90% of which comes from the catabolism of leucine.

Toxicological studies have proven the safety of HMB, and no adverse reaction have been detected. A large number of clinical studies have been conducted on HMB, and no side effect of HMB has been reported so far.

In commercial production, HMB is often converted to calcium salts during synthesis to facilitate storage and usage. HMB calcium is white powder with a slightly pungent taste and good fluidity; it is soluble in water, weakly alkaline in aqueous solution, and has slight bitter taste in aqueous solution.

Youbio HMBCa PowderEfficacy overview:

Dosage:no more than 3 g/day

Packaging and shipping:

25 kg export-grade cardboard barrels as outer package; double-layer food-grade plastic bag as inner package

25 kg/barrel

Shippedby air, by seaand by express.

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