Bamboo Coat Hanger

HQC bamboo cloth hangeris made of bamboo, with a height of 1800mm, which can be used to store clothes in different sizes. HQC bamboo coat hanger has the natural color of bamboo/black/walnut. The color of the hanger can be customized, customers can choose different colors according to different decoration styles.

Advantages of Bamboo Coat Hanger

Advanced production technology

Environmental protection

Non-toxic and odorless

Low carbon

Installation & Maintennance

We provide you with the most convenient installation and maintenance

The bamboo coat hanger provided by HQC bamboo products factoryis slim and sturdy, does not take up extra space. It is of good stability and beauty, can steadily support several pieces of clothing. The simple design style of the bamboo coat hanger endows it with a unique temperament.

Adopting mortise and tenon joint combination, bamboo clothes hangers can be installed by hand without tools and easy to disassemble. You can put it in the bedroom, office room and teahouse for decoration and practical usage.

We also have kinds of high quality bamboo screen fencefor sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

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