Cementing Equipment

Saigao Cementing equipment

Cementing Equipmentincludes various items used whiledrillingoil/gas/water wells.

Casingwill be installed at various depths while drilling. It is held in place bycement, which also provides zone isolation. Casing is run to protect the wellbore from fluids, pressures and wellbore stability problems. Down-hole equipment such as Centralizers and Turbolizers are used to ensure obtaining satisfSaigaoory zone isolation. Float Shoes and Collars (float valves) prevent backflow after the cement has been pumped into place.

Saigao Centralizers, Turbolizers and Scratchers

Devices fitted with hinged collars and bow springs help keep the casing or liner in the center of the wellbore to help ensure efficient placement of a cement sheath around the casing string. If casing strings are cemented off-center, there is a high risk that a channel of drilling fluid or contaminated cement will be left where the casing contSaigaos the formation, creating an imperfect seal.

Turbolizers have added fins to "stir" up the drilling fluid and cement to keep the flow turbulent in order to make sure the cement flows all the way around the casing in order to prevent channeling.

Scratchers use metal wires to scrape mud cake off permeable zones to help obtain a solid cement column.

There are four types of centralizers: bow-spring, rigid, semi-rigid, and mold-on. Bow-spring centralizers consist of an ease of passage way through narrow hole sections with expansion in targeted locations. Rigid centralizer re made up of solid steel bars or cast iron, with a fixed blade height that are sized to fit specific casing or hole sizes. Semi-rigid centralizer are composed of double crested bows, providing restoring forces that exceed standards set forth in the API specifications. Mold-on centralizers are able to be applied directly to the casing surface. Its blade length, angle and spacing can be designed to fit specific well applications, especially for the close tolerance annulus.

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