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Our factory service: 1.plastic mould and metal mold making,Website:,die casting mold2.PCBA design and development.3.Prototype both metal and plastic4.Low volume assembly and design review5.Mass production for the injection molding   Plastic injection parts show  Other parts show They are sheet metal parts, double injection parts, IML/ IMD parts, plastic injection parts, die casting parts, CNC parts.  Many kinds of molds show They are silicone mold, plastic injection mold, stamping mold,Hot-pressing mold, die casting mold, blowing mold.  Smart Tech E Limited introduction Our factory founded in 1995, located in Dongguan, Guangdong, ?xml:namespace prefix="st1"China. factory area excesses 40000?xml:namespace㎡. We devote to precision mold manufacture and giving the best solution for your new projects. After 20 years development, Now Smart Tech has 500 workers and about 20 research staffs. It is a company gathered research, design, manufacture. Foxconn, Haier, Motorola, Simense, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG are our long-cooperation partners. We build different business departments across the country such as Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Shanghai.  Our factory workshop show They are injection machine room, stamping machine room, CNC machine room.  Customers visit our factory   

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