Long Distance Wireless Charger

With long distance wireless chargingtechnology, it is possible to adopt furniture embedded design. This time you not only have to pull off the protective case, but also can charge your with a longer distance. Wireless charging furniture is a perfect solution for charging a smart without any annoying hassle of wires. It is easy to install under the table with no visual impact to aesthetic design, which also make your desktop neat and tidy. This is definitely a revolutionary wireless charging to power your home, your restaurant, your bar and so on.


Meree long distance qi chargeradopts new low-frequency magnetic resonance technology. The long-distance wireless charger allows charging the device at a long distance from 8mm up to 42mm, which is almost 5 times compared with the usual 8mm charging distance. Simply place any device with wireless charging function on the surface to charge your device. With this, you can leave behind all tangled up wires or annoying USB plugs. Although the wireless charging distance is longer, the charging efficiency won’t get slower. It allows you to enjoy a fast wireless charging speed.


With this long-distance wireless charger, there is no need to make a hole in your desk in order to install a wireless charger. Get you away from the trouble to find a proper tool to drill the hole. What's more? You can say goodbye to tangled cables and your desk will get neater and tidier.


The wireless signal does no harm to human bodies. Our long-distance wireless charger also provides overheating and overcharging prevention.

Looking for a professional and reliable wireless charger supplier? Wireless charger manufacturer BNESTcan be your best choice. We have different kinds of wireless wireless chargerwholesale. In addition, we provide custom wireless chargers. If you have any question or requirement, please contact our professional team. We will provide quotes and suggestions free of charge.

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