RFID Hard Sticker

Chip Options

LF(125KHz) HF(13.56Mhz)

Size Options

18*33mm 25*25mm OD-25/30/40mm etc.

Antenna Options

Copper Wire Aluminium Foil

Base Material


Printing Options

Offset CMYK Printing Silkscreen Printing Digital Printing

Surface Finish

Glossy Matt Frosted

Numbering Options

Black Laser Code Yellow Laser Code Uv Ink Code

UID List Options

Hexadecimal Format Decimal Format

Description of RFID Hard Sticker

RFID hard sticker is mainly used for asset management. Its shape is generally designed according to the actual use.As the nfc sticker manufacturers, our nfc sticker smartoften protected by nfc 215 sticker.

Considering some special application environments, such as outdoor, acid and alkali environments, DTB provides a variety of different glue options to ensure that the RFID hard sticker is durable.

Glue Options of RFID Hard Sticker

● 3M 467/468: Normal option;

● 3M 9080: Waterproof Strong;

● 3M 9448: Rubber subject; Rough surface;

● 3M 4914: UV protect; Very strong.

Do you know why so many people buy rfid stickers? Because rfid card to

or rfid card on ireally needs protection.

DTB RFIDis a hi-tech rfid solutionsproviders which is specialized in RFID productand IOT information system. With many years development, DTB can provide customers with one-stop service including antenna design, card/tag design, manufacturing and chip personalization. Also,DTB products are widely used in event management, supply chain, asset tracking, library management, apparel and retail etc. We will provide you with: 100% quality assurance, fast delivery services, professional services and factory prices. To do the best for all, it is our faith to help DTB move forward. It also helps us to offer better quality and better service to be your best partner in business.

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