Transparent Whiteboard Magnets

Product Category: office magnets/whiteboard magnets/transparent whiteboard magnets

Product Material: transparent plastic(PS)+ferrite disc magnets

Available Size: D15 X 8mm , D20 X 8mm, D30 X 9mm, D40 X 9mm

Available Color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black,white,voilet

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Product Description

Transparent magnetsare usually the whiteboard magnetsassembled with transparent plastic shell and disc ferrite magnets. It is mainly used on noticeboard, so that they are called as notice board magnets or message board magnets.The strength of ferrite whiteboard magnets is weaker than neodymium whiteboard magnets. But it is much cheaper. The advantage of lower cost let ferrite whiteboard magnets used much more than neodymium magnetic push pins. Most of transparent whiteboard magnets are round and flat. Meank magnetics is professional transparent whiteboard magnets supplier(whiteboard magnets factory). We have a wide size range and different shapes and colors for choosing. Welcome your inquiry about any transparent whiteboard magnets.

Meankis a professional holding magnets manufacturer, we provide transparent magnets, whiteboard magnets, magnetic grate separators and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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