Storage Inverters

In remote areas, it is very suitable to establish an independent PV to supply the power to the user. The energy storage inverter is the interface between the power grid and the energy storage device. The advanced energy solar invertercan be applied to different occasions (grid-connected system, island system and hybrid system). As a power inverter supplier, MICNO offers a series of advanced energy inverters with special functions.




Auto AC Quick Coupler is a connecting element that connects the ends of two optical fibers. It can take out the signal from the optical cable or send the signal into the optical cable. In fiber optics, the device is located between the ends of two optical fibers, allowing signals to be taken out or injected from one fiber.

AC Coupler

Off-grid Inverter


Off-grid Inverter

Energy storage inverters are a type of grid-connected battery storage inverter suitable for smart grid construction. They are used in energy storage and feature two-way inverters as their basic characteristics. They have a series of special features and functions. The energy storage link in the smart grid can effectively regulate power resources, can well balance the difference in power consumption between day and night and different seasons, adjust the remaining shortages, and ensure the security of the power grid. The advanced energy solar inverter is an important prerequisite for the application of renewable energy and an effective means to achieve interactive management of the power grid. Without energy storage inverter, the realization of a smart grid is impossible. Energy storage inverters are suitable for various applications that require dynamic energy storage, that is, to store electrical energy when there is surplus electrical energy, and to invert the stored electrical energy to the grid when the energy is insufficient, and play an emergency independent inverter in the microgrid effect.

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