Air Conditioning System (A/C)

Car air conditioning system is a device that realizes cooling, heating, ventilation and air purification of the air in the vehicle. It can provide a comfortable driving environment for driver and passengers, especially reduce the driver's fatigue strength, and improve driving safety. The air conditioning unit has become one of the indicators to measure whether the vehicle is fully functional. Modern vehicle air conditioners have four functions, any of which are designed to make driver and passengers comfortable.

The air conditioner can control the temperature in the cabin, both heating and cooling the air, to make the cabin has comfortable temperature.

The air conditioner can discharge the moisture in the air. Dry air absorbs human sweat and creat a more comfortable environment.

The air conditioner has functions of inhale fresh air and ventilation.

The air conditioner can filter the air to remove dust and pollen.

How Does The Air Conditioning System (A/C) Work?

Automotive air conditioning is mainly composed of refrigeration system, heating system, ventilation and air purification system and control system. The principle of automotive air conditioning has four sections.

A, The compressor sucks the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas at the outlet of the evaporator, and compresses it into high-temperature and high-pressure gas and discharges from compressor.

B, The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas enters the condenser and condenses into a liquid, discharges a large amount of heat.

C, The refrigerant liquid with high temperature and high pressure increases in volume after passing through the expansion device, the pressure and temperature drop sharply, then discharged from the expansion device in the form of a mist.

D, The mist-like refrigerant liquid entering the evaporator, the boiling point of the refrigerant is much lower than the temperature in the evaporator, and the refrigerant liquid evaporates into a gas.

Diagram of Air Conditioning System (A/C)

The automotive air conditioning refrigeration system consists of a compressor, a condenser, a liquid receiver dryer, an expansion valve, an evaporator and a blower. The components are connected by copper pipes and high-pressure rubber pipes to form a closed system. When the refrigeration system works, the refrigerant circulates in this closed system in different states.

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