Suction Catheter

The Essential Features of Suction Catheters for Effective Airway Clearance

Disposable suction catheter play a crucial role in maintaining a clear airway by effectively removing respiratory secretions. These flexible and long tubes are designed to ensure optimal respiratory function. In this article, we will explore the various features of suction catheters that make them indispensable in medical settings.

1. Connector Types

China suction catheter come in four different connector types, each serving a specific purpose. These include the T-type, Y-type, control valve type, and plain type connectors. The T-type connector allows for easy attachment to suctioning equipment, ensuring a secure and efficient connection. The Y-type connector, on the other hand, enables simultaneous suctioning and oxygenation, making it ideal for patients requiring both interventions. The control valve type connector allows for precise control of suction pressure, ensuring patient comfort and safety. Lastly, the plain type connector offers a simple and straightforward connection for routine suctioning procedures.

2. Size Identification

To facilitate easy identification, china closed suction catheters are color-coded based on their size. This feature allows healthcare professionals to quickly select the appropriate catheter for each patient, minimizing the risk of using the wrong size. By using color-coded catheters, medical staff can ensure accurate and efficient airway clearance, promoting optimal respiratory function.

China medical closed suction catheter are essential tools in maintaining a clear airway and promoting respiratory health. With their various connector types and color-coded size identification, these catheters provide healthcare professionals with the flexibility and precision needed for effective suctioning. By utilizing the appropriate suction catheter, medical staff can ensure patient comfort, safety, and overall well-being.

Specification of Suction Catheter
No. Product code Description
01 GC8018P With plain type connector, Fr6-Fr18
02 GC8018C With control valve type connector, Fr6-Fr18
03 GC8018Y With Y type connector, Fr6-Fr18
04 GC8018T With T type connector, Fr6-Fr18

More different china suction catheter types, please contact us.

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