Backhoe Loader Tires

As equipment like backhoe loaders and compactor loaders are built to be versatile and be suitable for different working conditions, Ortec developed this NRL4 backhoe loader tires pattern. The special tread design makes backhoe tires suitable for different applications in construction, from field to road. The extra-wide lugs provide excellent grip, great stability as well as driving comfort on rough terrains. And a special compound is applied in this type of off the road tyre to make it particularly resistant against punctures, accidental damages, impacts and abrasions. The result is a longer life cycle and increased productivity.

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Bias Tire Construction







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Based on 20 years' expertise in OTR technology, design, manufacturing, ORTECoffers a complete line of china tyrein both radial and bias construction that withstand the most severe operating condition.

As a professional backhoe loader tyresfactory, we provide cheap backhoe tiresand backhoe front tires for sale.

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