C5-P2 Balanced Forklift AGV

C5-Q2 is a balanced heavy laser slam navigation agv, AGV has no external legs, so there is no need to worry about the interference between the machine and the forklift legs when taking and placing materials. Load capacity is 1200KG, and lifting height is 2900mm.

Parameters of C5-P2 Counter Balanced Forklift AGV


Laser navigation

Lifting height




Driving method

Steering drive

Traveling direction

Forward, backward, 0~90 degree turn

Charging method

Auto charger(Side type)

Load capacity



Lithium battery

Travel speed




Turn radius


Safety alarm

Sound and visual warning

Guidance accuracy


Safety detecting range


Stopping accuracy



Front obstacle detection sensor+mechanical anti-collision bumper+emergency stop switch

Core Advantages of C5-P2 Counter Balanced Forklift AGV


Small volume, high lifting

CasunAGV has no legs, has a small footprint and can lift up to roughly 2900mm, which is suitable for the operation environment with site area that is limited.


Up and down the elevator

The AGV can be linked with the ordinary elevator, with two forklifts in and out of the elevator at the same time, so as to greatly improve the operation efficiency.


Run across floors

Similar map across the floor of the scene operation, greatly meet the occasion of different floors of material transferringd.


Multiple devices linked

Many AGVs synchronize with each other, which applies to complex material handling scenarios.


Easy to use

It can realize the independent operation according to scheduling instructions, without manual intervention in the production process.


Fault self-test

Have good performance of fault self-check function, and own remote fault diagnosis and self-recovery function.



Under the condition of low power, the AGV can directly go to the charging station for automatic charging. No manual intervention to achieve 24 hours of operation.


Multiple security protection

Installed with laser obstacle detection sensor, mechanical anti-collision device and sound, light and voice warning to ensure safe operation.

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