CCM-11 Customization AGV

CCM-11 Customization AGV

CCM-11 customized agv laseris customized for SMT production line, supporting customized navigation mode according to demand, which can realize the efficient end-to-end transfer of PCBA board materials at different heights, saving labor costs.

Parameters of CCM-11 Customized AGVCasun


QR code navigation/Laser navigation/SLAM navigation

Lift height

docking height is 250-1250mm


L1400*W700*H1450mm(docking height is 290-1250mm)

Driving method

Steering drive

Traveling direction

Forward, backward, rotation and sideways

Charging method

Auto charger(Side type)

Load capacity



Lithium battery

Travel speed


Safety detecting range


Guidance accuracy



Front obstacle detection sensor+mechanical anti-collision bumper

Stopping accuracy


Core Advantages of CCM-11 Customized AGV


End-to-end transport

SMT customized AGV can connect production lines at different heights to realize intelligent distribution, turnover and warehousing of products, semi-finished products and finished products.


Replace artificial, intelligent and efficient

Equipped with intelligent navigation system, AGV transfers between different production lines, greatly improving the operation efficiency of the workshop.


Intelligent control, universal scheduling

The intelligent management system which is independently developed by Casun can realize the task of management, delivery and traffic control of all AGVs connected within the network; end customer can increase or decrease the number of AGVs at any time and support many types of AGVs in the same scenario.

As one of automated guided vehicle companies, we have types of products for sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

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