AI Algorithms

Why Choose CASUN AI Algorithms For AGVChina

CASUN AI Algorithms For Visual Navigation And Positioning

Visual Navigation And Positioning

Advantages: Casun's visual positioning algorithm for autonomous industrial robots combines more than 15 algorithms, and each step of multi-vision processing is considered. At the beginning of the algorithm design, it begins to consider the accuracy, cost, and subsequent optimization space of the algorithm. This algorithm for automated guided vehicle China has been used in a variety of scenarios, including local positioning, object recognition, location recognition, qr code navigation, 3D security and other fields. It supports continuous 24-hour per day indoor operation and has strong adaptability to different external scenes.

CASUN AI Algorithms For SLAM Positioning Algorithm

SLAM Positioning Algorithm

1) Strong environmental adaptability, 60% adaptation rate to environmental change, learn and build maps independently, support continuous optimization of maps during operation.

2) Superior in large-space built-in map positioning, combined with pose algorithm, the positioning algorithm has low resource overhead and good robustness.

3) Support multiple algorithm compatibility, high positioning accuracy which can reach plus or minus 5MM.

CASUN AI Algorithms For Dispatching Algorithm

Dispatching Algorithm

Advantage:1. High processing efficiency which can dispatch 500+ vehicles.

CASUN AI Algorithms For Path Planning Algorithm

Path Planning Algorithm

Advantage:1. The route can be dynamically adjusted according to the real-time congestion situation to improve the operating efficiency of the vehicle.

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