Quality Flexible Claw PickUp Tool - 3 Prong

Item No. : 1363

Ideal for automotive, off-road equipment, aviation, and industrial inspection applications.

Extend your reach safely and easily with this amazing claw grabber.

3-Claw Pick-Up Tool, 3-Prong Flexible Claw Pick-Up Tool, Flexible Claw Grabber

Professional Flexible Pick-Up Tool with Strong Claws

Flexible shaft can be bent to any shape, Sure-Grip Handle for comfort & control

Overall length in 500, 540, 600 and 700 mm


Simply squeezing the handle, the claw arm can grab the object and move it to its new destination easily. This is the perfect tool for hard-to-reach items in a car or machine

Overall length in 500mm, 540mm, 600mm and 700mm or any lengths at your request

Fully flexible stem for access to awkward and narrow spaces

Pick up objects and hold tight with the 3-prong retractable claws

Easy open and close the claws with elegant finger grip


Claw Prong Claw Prong Length (inch)

3 prong 350 13-3/4"

3 prong 500 19-5/8"

3 prong 540 21-1/4"

3 prong 600 23-5/8"

3 prong 700 27-1/2"

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