Quick Release Auto Inspection Tool Set

Item No. : 1201

This Auto kit is a perfect and must tool to be used in the garage or workshop.

5-pc. Auto Inspection Tool Set, Inspection & Retrieving Tool Kit

Auto Inspection Tool Kit - Quick Release, Patented Quick Release Telescope

Super Bright Nichia Japanese White LED, 8 lb. Strong Magnet

Patented Professional Mirrors: rectangular 65 x 43 mm and round 60 mm mirror

High Value-Added Zipper Bag with EVA sponge


It is a Patented Quick Release Mechanism with Soft Cushion Grip

Nichia Japanese White LED Light

* NICHIA Japanese Ultra Bright White LED Light with brightness of up to 44,000 mcd; long useful life up to 100,000 hours

* The unique design with both a focus lens & reflector provides a highly intense beam of light

Professional Inspection Mirror - Rectangular 65 x 43 mm and Round 60 mm mirror

* The mirror provides a perfect reflection and can be adjusted 360 degrees, also allows visual inspection in confined areas

* All mirror frames are made of tough stainless steel to resist corrosion

Strong magnet - 8 lb.

* The magnet will hold up to 8 lb. and pick up metal objects in hard to reach places

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