Wooden & Bamboo Serial


Crafted from high-quality wood or bamboo wood, the bamboo qi wireless chargeris lightweight and durable, stylish and unique. The concise appearance and compatible design make it not only an easy-to-use charger but also a decorative piece to your desk. Effortlessly add a pastoral vibe with its wooden outside and meet your various charge needs with its high-tech inside. The combination of rustic idea and smart tech will be conveyed with a premium way which tells by its exquisite look. Comfortable to the touch and pleasing to the eyes. Compatible with any decoration style, the best choice for home and office use. No one would love to miss such a perfect smart device to be at your service for charging!


We use bamboo and wood material for the outside look of chargers based on an environment protection appeal. Adopting natural materials in the design is not only to make our customer's life healthier and full of vitality but also cause less waste of non-degradable materials while improving the convenience and visually enjoyability. Plastic or metal will do great harm to our living environment by taking years or decades to degrade. However, the biodegradable bamboo and wood material would never put our natural environment in danger. The environmental protection function of bamboo and wood materials is more perfect, and the materials used are absolutely environmentally friendly materials. With more new technology and ways of utilizing our resources coming up, Our bamboo and wood wireless chargers are ready for your better lifestyle!


Our bamboo wireless charging dockuses state of the art smart chip technology to detect what device you're using and automatically optimize the current output to deliver the right amount. With this smart technology, our wireless charger can provide faster-charging performance yet not damage the battery, protecting your smart from overheating, overvoltage and short-circuit to ensure the safety as well as a full charge! It's time to have your ready to go at any time!

If you are looking for wholesale bamboo wireless charger ior other Qi-enabled wireless chargers, take a look at ours. Meree provides a wide range of high-quality portable fast wireless chargers of various different styles for home/office/car. Get a quote at your best professional wireless charger supplier!

Founded in 2007, Mereeis devoted to producing cordless charging station. We are always committed to growing bigger and making more possibilities. Additionally, we are always concerned about seeking for long-term cooperation. Welcome to join us and make more progress together!

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