Type-C Wireless Charger

BNESTwireless chargers adopt the latest type-c port. The type-c port allows you to use your original adapter and cable of your type-c , making it more convenient to charge wirelessly. No more worry about the usb c connector if you are non-type c user. You don’t even consider how the plug direction is, then just drop your on the charge. Meree works to produce the besttype c wireless charging kit, with which no extra adapter and cable are needed when you are out!


Type-c port makes 15W, 10W fast wireless charging possible for your , which can be even quicker than wired charging. By using usb c wireless charging case, you can enjoy less downtime between charges. The powerful charging speeds can be up to 15W on compatible devices.


The wireless signal from the charging pad is harmless;

With built-in foreign object recognition, the inductive charging pad can recognize a foreign object and will stop providing power to the until the object is removed;

If high temperature is detected, our wireless will adjust to prevent overheating;

USB c wireless charger adopts the turbulence mode to safely charge the battery so as to ensure that the battery is always full of power. And it is ok to place your devices on the wireless charging pad overnight;

With short-circuit protection, the wireless charger will protect your devices if any problem occurs.


Only if your smarts have built-in wireless charging technology, our type-c wireless chargers can be widely used for your devices of different brands.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable wireless charger supplier, Meree can be your best choice. We have different kinds of wpc chargingpadwholesale. If you have specific requirements, we also provide custom wireless chargers. Make a quote through our website and our professional team will offer you the best wireless chargers!

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