50ah lifepo4batteries offer a safe and reliable power solution with a 50Ah capacity. These batteries are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for applications in a variety of industries. Lifepo4 solar street light lithium ion battery cells have high energy density, low internal resistance, and a long cycle life, making them a perfect choice for those in need of a high-performance battery.

Specification of C5-LFP50W 50Ah LiFePO4



Dimension (Welding terminal)

Dimension (Nut)




SOC window

10 ~90%


Welding / Nut

Impedance (1kHz)





Maximum continuous charge


Maximum continuous discharge


Energy density






Operation (Charge)


Operation (Discharge)




Cycle Life

4000 cycles

Abuse test

Overcharge, Over-discharge, Short, Heat

GB/T 31485-2015

Eco Power Group, as an excellent lithium ion battery manufacturer, offers a wide range of eco power pack batteryfor you to choose from.

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