V Shaped Toilet Seat

Likegro produces toilet seats of common shapes on the market, including v-shaped toilet seats, d shaped bidets, round toilet seats, u-shaped toilet seats etc. The material is mainly UF and wood and also includes a small part of the plastic commode seats.

Likegro is a manufacturing enterprise integrating production and sales. The factory is located in Ningbo, the eighth largest port city in the world, and the marketing center is located in Shanghai, an international economic and technological innovation city. For 30 years, we have insisted on quality first and kept improving. Our bathroom fixtures wholesale are exported to North America, Canada, Europe, and other regions, and we have established in-depth strategies with international first-class brands such as Kohler, Bemis, and Centoco.

We have rich experience in sample customization, testing, and mass production according to clients and market needs. If you have any interest in my products and services, please feel free to contact us.

Features of V Shaped Toilet Seat

Easy to install and suitable for all regular round toilets

With a soft closing function, V shaped toilet will not cause noise in the bathroom when used late at night

Using high-quality urea-formaldehyde or pp material, the sturdy structure increases the strength and durability of the product

Quick-release function for easy removal and replacement

Why Do People Use toilet seat v shape?

A V-shaped toilet seat can be used for v-shaped or oval toilet seat. Likegro v-shaped toilet seat is made of high-quality UF material, the texture is as smooth and elegant as ceramics, its extremely high hardness can resist wear and tear, and it will not turn yellow even after long-term use.

Want to buy urea formaldehyde toilet seats, please visit our website.

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