The Low-speed centrifuge runs well

Low-speed centrifugeoperating environment must have certain requirements, first of all, the temperature should not be too bad, and secondly, the station should be stable, and finally the voltage!
Especially in the space that has been in action, such as some cars, we often have a blood donation car. This is also a car that needs a centrifuge. At this time, it is said:
The engine room air conditioner crankcase is evacuated and refueled. First close the liquid supply valve and the suction valve. When the crankcase pressure is slightly lower than the atmospheric pressure, open the fueling valve, and the oil enters the crankcase through the filling valve under atmospheric pressure. When the oil level requirement is reached, close the fueling valve and gradually open the large compressor suction valve and the relevant liquid supply valve to resume normal operation. The engine room air conditioner special oil pump is refueling. When the compressor needs to refuel, connect the oil pump, oil pipe and oil accumulator to the compressor. Just start the oil pump and open the compressor refueling valve. It does not affect the compressor operation and is conducive to the sanitation of the machine room.
The problem of abnormal noise in the vehicle when using the air conditioner is also criticized by the owner, and it is often difficult to be discovered in time due to seasonal limitations. There are several reasons for the abnormal sound: First, excessive refrigerant may cause abnormal noise in the air conditioning system; in addition, it is more abnormal for air conditioner compressors and blowers. It has been found that the air conditioning noise of some vehicles has exceeded 100 decibels, which seriously affects the comfort of driving. According to industry insiders, the abnormal noise of blowers is mainly caused by fan motor bearings. One reason is due to the quality of the bearing itself, or it may be due to the poor purification effect of the air conditioning filter, the dust enters the air duct, causing the bearing to wear and cause axial turbulence.
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