Paraffin Wax


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Paraffin Wax 1, Melting point: 58-60; 2, Oil content: max 1.5%; 3, Reasonable price with fast delivery.

Fully refined paraffin wax:

Items                54#           56#           58#          60#           62#         64#        Test method Melting point   54-56        56-58       58-60        60-62        62-64     64-66      GB/T2539 Oil content%                         0.5max                                                                GB/T3554 Needle penetration (25)1/10mm                                       18max               16max                          GB/T4985 Color(white)                                      +28min              +25min                          GB/T3555 Light stability                                      4max                   5max                          SH/T0404 Odor                                       None                                                                  SH/T0414   Packaging: 50kg/pp bag 20mt/20'

Product introduction: According to different fefining levels, paraffin wax can be divided into full- refined paraffin wax, semi-refined paraffin wax and crude paraffin. The first two are mainly used as component of food and other commodities (such as wax paper, crayons, candlesm carbo paper) and packing materials, baking container's coating materials, cosmetic raw materials, and for keeping fruit fresh, improving the rubber anti-aging and flexibiliy ability, electrical appliance components' insulation, precision casting, etc. It also can be used for oxidation synthesis of fatty acid. When adding polyolefin additives, paraffin wax 's melting point, adhesion and flexibility all increse, then it can be widely used in producing moisture-proof and water proof wrapping paper, cardboard, certain textiles' surface coating and candles.

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