Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin

SEPLITE ® Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin


Mixed bed is typically cation and anion ion exchange resin all in one mixture.


Mixed bed ion exchange resins are mainly used in the water purification industry for polishing process water to achieve demineralized water quality, usually after a reverse osmosis system.


The mixed bed ion exchange resin for water treatment are the typical resins with mixture of strong acid cation resins in H+ form and strong base anion resins in OH- form. The ratio of component resins is designed to provide high capacity depending on the application.Several mixed bed resins are available with indicator which facilitate the operation because of color change when exhaustion.


The two resins are mixed to be used in one column for fully purification of water, to reduce the water conductivity. The mixed bed resins are usually used in the Electrical Discharge Machining plant for water demineralization.


Typical Applications For Mixed Bed Ion Learning Exchange Resins

Water deionization

Water demineralization

Condensate polishing

Potable water

UltraPure water



Rohs Test

FDA registeration

WQA Gold Seal Certificate



Category List

SEPLITE MB10Cation/anion Volume ratio 1:1

SEPLITE MB20Cation/anion Volume ratio 1:1.5

SEPLITE MB30Cation/anion Volume ratio 1:2


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