Aminomethyl Resin

Resin Purification Technique Aimed at Antibiotics and Harmful Substances

Bee honey is made from the nectar collected by the bees in the hive. Honey is a delicious sweetener but also with a great medicinal value.

In modern society, due to the popularity of pesticides and the spread of antibiotics, the naturally collected honey will have some residues of pesticides and antibiotics, which seriously affects the use of honey. Many countries have also imposed strict regulations on pesticides and antibiotics residues in honey.

In order to solve the above problems, Sunresin honey processing resin is designed with unique structure and materials so that aimed substances like antibiotics, pesticides and HMF could be adsorbed when fully touching with honey liquor, the unique design and long application experiences make it a perfect technology option to remove those harmful substances from honey without any change, destruction or lost on the wanted sugar,protein,enzyme.etc.

In addition, the color value of honey is increasing, and the treated honey has better storage stability.

Typical Application for Honey PurificationProcess:

Remove various antibiotics, such as chloramphenicol, tetracycline, streptomycin, sulfonamide, sand star, nitrofuran

Remove various pesticide, such as paradichlorobenzene, omethoate,metamidophos

Remove fungicide, such as carbendazim

Remove HMF

Increasing the color value of honey

Better storage stability

Our Technology Advantages

Harmful substances removal

Compact Skid Mounted Unit

Lower cost for Investment and operation

Easy operation and maintenance

A long life working time

Category List


Remove patulin,HMF,Pesticide.

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