PVC/Nitrile Layflat Hose

Tube and cover: Nitrile/PVC Blend, ribbed cover

Reinforecment: high tenacity circular woven polyester Jacket

Color: Black, Red, Blue,green, Yellow, orange

Other color: available upon request

Manufacturing Technology: through-the-weave technology without delamination issues

Standard length: 15.24m (50ft), 30.48m (100ft), 60.96m(200ft), 91.44m (300ft), 100m(328ft) 200m(656ft),

Our PVC Nitrile Layflat Hose are widely used in Water discharge, Drainage, Irrigation installations, Pumping of sludge and liquid fertilizers, Chemical industry, mine and so on.  The hose are popular due to heavy duty and abrasive assistance.

Low Pressure PVC/Nitrile Layflat Hose

Application:Water discharge,Standard length:1-100M(15-328FT).The through-the-weave technology of our PVC/Nitrile layflat hose  avoid delamination issues

Our PVC/Nitrile layflat hose is made of PVC/Nitrile blend lining, ribbed cover and high tenacity polyester jacket. Thick wall and ribbed cover makes the hose best choice for rough condition.Our package is in carton on pallet.  Different color are for your choice.This hose is better suited for a less rough  working in a more consistent ground environment with more open area.

Heavy Duty PVC Nitrile Layflat Hose

Reinforcement: Circular woven polyester jacketOperating Temperature Range: From -20℉ to 178℉ (-29℃ to 81℃)Standard Color: Yellow or black, other colors available per requestStandard Length: 50ft, 100ft, 300ft/91.5m, 330ft/100m, other lengths available per request

Our heavy duty PVC/Nitrile layflat hose  is produced in  one step, through-the –weave construction.  Its high working pressure is due to high-strength polyester filament. The excellent durability benefits from a high-tensile PVC/NBR compound. The ribs on the outer cover increase abrasion resistance.Heavy duty PVC/Nitrile layflat hose is widely used in agricultural irrigation, mining dewatering, industrial and construction washdown, water transfer for many lines. Inner tube and cover: PVC/NitrileThe ribs on the cover surface greatly help to provide a long service life.


Our company is one of the most professional industrial hose manufacturers in China. And we are devoted to produce high quality hose and fittings.


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