Application of Dipropylene Glycol Butyl Ether (DPNB)

Application in coating: as one of the best film-forming auxiliaries of water-based paints, DPNB can be used as the coagulant of acrylic resin, phenylethylene acrylic resin and polyvinyl acetate giving an excellent performance to paint film.

Application in cleanser: it is applicable to cleaning agents especially for those which require low volatile speed, such as wax remover and floor cleanser. As a good coupling agent for lubricating grease and fat, DPNB can be applied as paint stripper and remover of animal fat.

Other application: DPnB can also be used in agricultural products, cosmetics, electronic ink, and textile.

CAS NO.: 29911-28-2

Applications of Dipropylene Glycol Butyl Ether (DPNB)

Used in coatings: Dipropylene Glycol Butyl Ether(DPNB) can be used as an agglomerating agent for the acrylic resin, styrene acrylic resin, and polyvinyl acetate to give the excellent performance to the paint film. It is one of the most effective coalescents for many waterborne coatings.

Used in cleaning agents: DPNB is suitable for cleaning agents, especially those requiring very low volatilization rates, such as waxes and floor cleaners. It is a good coupling agent for lubricating oils and greases. It can be used as a paint remover and an animal grease remover.

Other applications: DPNB can be used in agricultural products, cosmetics, electronic inks, and textiles.

DPNB has a slight odor, low water solubility, good adhesion, and good solubility to coating resins. It shows good bonding properties to various resins. In addition, it also has an excellent modeling function.

DPNB is usually stored in carbon steel containers and at a general cargo transportation level. Avoid its contact with air for long periods of storage. It can react with oxidants. In case of high heat and the increasing internal pressure of the container, there are chances for DPNB to crack and explode.

Hazardous combustion products: carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide

Extinguishing methods and agents: water spray, alcohol-resistant foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder, and sand.

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