Leading Tower Packing/Column Packing
Tower packing refers to the tower packing in the packed tower. The function of tower packing is to provide sufficient contact surface for the gas and liquid phases, and to create conditions for improving the turbulence (mainly gas phase) to facilitate mass transfer (including heat transfer)

Tower packing has the advantages of large production capacity, high separation efficiency, small pressure drop, small liquid holding capacity, and large operating flexibility.

Column packing produced by tower packing manufacturers like NAIKE chemical is especially suitable for vacuum distillation, distillation under normal pressure and medium pressure, and of course the two-phase contact process of the atmosphere (such as gas absorption, cooling, etc.), but be particularly cautious when apply it in high-pressure rectification towers.

Tower Packing Types By Shape

Structured Packing
Structured packing is also called Distillation Packing Bed, which has large specific surface area and low pressure drop, be widely used in distillation, absorption, stripping, desorption, heat exchange, extraction,etc.

Random Packing
We can supply all shapes and materials in the area of tower packing, right from the simple sphere through the high-performance tower packing.

Ceramic Ball
The ceramic balls produced by our company are mainly divided into the following categories:Inert alumina ballActivated alumina ballGrinding ballRegenerative ballWater treatment filter ceramic ball.

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