Mepiquat Chloride

Mepiquat chloride (N, N-dimethylpiperidinium chloride), well known as PIX, is a potential systemic plant growth regulator. The effects of PIX on plant height, stem elongation, leaf area, net photosynthetic rates, chlorophyll content, sucrose and starch levels, and RuBP carboxylase activity in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. cv. DES 119) plants were measured. PIX was sprayed (0, 7.65, 15.3, 30.6 or 61.2 g active ingredient ha−1) on the plants at first square (25 days after emergence) and measurements were made at frequent intervals. Plant height was clearly reduced by PIX. The total length of vegetative branches and fruiting branches was 40% and 50% less than the control. Total leaf area in PIX treated plants was 16% less than the control. Net photosynthetic rates were 25% less in PIX-treated leaves. PIX treated leaves had more chlorophyll content. The activity of RuBP carboxylase was decreased in PIX treated plants. Starch accumulation was noticed in PIX treated leaves while sucrose content was not changed. The data reported here suggest that reduced growth responses induced by PIX results in partial loss of photosynthetic capacity in cotton at least up to 20 days after application of the growth regulator.Mepiquat chloride inhibits the biosynthesis of gibberellic acid. Mode of action Plant growth regulator, absorbed and translocated throughout the plant. Used on cotton to reduce vegetative growth and to advance maturation of the bolls; and to inhibit sprouting in onions, garlic and leeks. Used in combination with ethephon to prevent lodging (by shortening the stem and strengthening the stem wall) in cereals, grass seed crops and flax. Typical application rates in cotton are up to 0.075 kg/ha, and in cereals up to 0.7625 kg/ha.

Specification of Mepiquat Chloride(CAS No:24307-26-4 / 15302-91-7 )

Product name

Mepiquat Chloride


24307-26-4; 15302-91-7



Molecular Formula


Molecular weight


Melting point

285 ° C


Mepiquat Chloride




White crystalline powder

Loss on Drying








Other names

1,1-Dimethylpiperidinium chloride;

Brand name


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