2-Methylcinnamic acid

2-Methylcinnamic acid also named O-methylcinnamic acid, 3-O-TOLYL-ACRYLIC ACID; acid; trans-2-Methylcinnamic acid; 2-METHYLCINNAMIC ACID, and so on. It is a chemical substance of the formula C10H10O2. 2-Methylcinnamic acid is essence or spices in Chinese market. O-methyl cinnamic acid is a white crystal, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ethyl acetate and other organic solvents. Mainly used in flavors and fragrances, food additives and pharmaceuticals.

And the Related categories: ; aromatic hydrocarbon; pharmaceutical raw material; carboxylic acid; Aromatic Cinnamic Acids, Esters and Derivatives;Cinnamic acid; C10; Carbonyl Compounds; Carboxylic Acids; Building Blocks; Carbonyl Compounds; Carboxylic Acids; Chemical Synthesis; Organic Building Blocks.

This product is an organic synthesis intermediate. Also used in daily fragrance. And the Storage conditions: keep the container sealed, put it in a tight container, store in a cool, dry place. The stability of 2-Methylcinnamic acid is good:avoid oxide contact.

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2-Methylcinnamic acid Specifications:

Name2-Methylcinnamic acid

Synonyms: METHYLCINNAMIC ACID,2; o-Methylcinnamic acid; 3-O-TOLYL-ACRYLIC ACID; trans-2-methyl-cinnamic acid

CAS NO.2373-76-4

Molecular FormulaC10H10O2

Molecular Weight162.19


AppearanceWhite Crystal

Purity99% Min

Refractive Index1.602

Flash Point199.3ºC


This product is an . It is also used in daily chemical fragrance

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