Cinnamoyl chloride

Cinnamyl chloride is an organic compound, the molecular formula is C9H7ClO.

Derived from the reaction of with oxalyl chloride. Blend oxalyl chloride and benzene into a solution, add the dried sodium cinnamate several times with stirring from time to time, add each time until the reaction releases carbon dioxide and then add the next time. Then reflux for 2h. After a little cold, the produced sodium chloride and a small amount of unreacted sodium cinnamate were filtered off. The filtrate was first distilled off benzene under normal pressure, and then distilled under reduced pressure to collect a 131 ° C (1.47kPa) fraction, and the product was obtained with a yield of 75-90%. When purification is required, it can be recrystallized from carbon tetrachloride. Cinnamic acid is reacted with dichlorosulfoxide to prepare cinnamoyl chloride.


Cinnamoyl chloride

CAS registration number: 102-92-1

Molecular formula: C9H7ClO

Molecular weight: 166.60

Chinese name: cinnamoyl chloride; 3-phenyl-2-acryloyl chloride

English alias: 3-Phenyl-2-propenoyl chloride

EINECS registration number: 203-065-5

FEMA accession number: 2007

Melting point: 33-37 & ordm; C

Boiling point: 256-258 & ordm; C

Content: ≥98%

Properties: white or light yellow crystal.

Water-soluble: soluble in petroleum ether, carbon tetrachloride and hot ethanol, insoluble in water. Slowly decomposes in water.


It can be used as an intermediate in organic synthesis, a reagent for determining trace moisture.


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