Gallium Extraction From Bayer Liquor

Ion Exchange Sugar Refining

The usual process of cane sugar is extraction, purification, evaporation, concentration, crystallization, separation, drying, and finished product. However, such sugars tend to have high levels of impurities, and the color and taste are not ideal. To make a high level of sugar, you must increase the refining process.

Cane sucrose refining process including: Affination,melter,clarification, filtration, Decolorization, evaporation, crystallization.

Sunresin applies resin purification technology to the refining process of sucrose. With simple and efficient operation, it can produce high-grade sucrose with less investment.

Our Technology Advantages

Special ion exchange resin for sugar decolorization

Supporting Equipment & system

Reliable EPC project service

Two Typical Application

The color value is an important index of the quality of sugar. The high color value is due to the high content of colored impurities in the material. Modern sucrose refining technology is decolorized by ion exchange resin, especially in the production of some refined sugar and high-grade syrup.

Sunresin has two kinds of sucrose decolorizing resins, styrene matrix and acrylic matrix. Styrene matrix show a high selectivity for sugar colorants, but not easy to regenerate. Unlike styrene matrix, Acrylic matrix could be completely regenerated with sodium chloride solution, it is usually employed before styrene matrix as a good protect, while styrene matrix as polishing resin.

The ash in sucrose is mainly derived from the anion and cation in the liquid.

In particular, a large amount of calcium ions are introduced in the clarification process, which can cause the sucrose ash to be severely high and cause serious scaling of the evaporation equipment.

Sunresin has developed several kinds of ion exchange resins and systems for sugar deashing process.

Category List

SEPLITE LXA980Demineralization for cane sugar industry

SEPLITE LXA958Decolorization for cane sugar industry

SEPLITE LXA983Demineralization for cane sugar industry

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