Anruier UAV



XL-6JL Tethered Airborne Drone For Permanent Operations

The UAV XL-6JL is the tethered version created by joint work of my company and 54th research institute. Its practicability is very strong. Thanks to its ground power supply, the UAV can fly for an almost unlimited period of time and perform permanent mission. All data are sent through an umbilical cable, which protects against jamming and provides high resolution images.It can be operated from afixed or a mobile platform, such as vehicle load or a ship load. For more mobility, the tethered cable can be removed.

Operational Performances

The length of the cable allows operations up to 300 meters high, which extends the surveillancerange. The UAV is ideally suited to large-scale events (sport events, crowd control), crisis management and site protection. The max altitude gives the advantage to perform radio relay, particularly in remote places where radio links are weak.


- Unlimited endurance - Wind resistance up to 45 km/h

- 10kg payload - Day and night missions

- Automatic take-off and landing - High stable hoovering

- Resistant to jamming and interference - Robustness

- Quick deployment

- Ease of use


- Tethered electrical UAV

- Power ground supply

- Umbilical cable for power and communication

- Multi rotors for high hoovering stability




Empty Weight

20KGS(One standby battery)



Working temperature

-40°C to55°C

Fully system: UAV platform cable power inverter communication equipments ground controlling system.

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