SBR-4U208 Blood Bank Refrigerator

The blood bank refrigerator is specially designed to store whole blood and blood derivatives. These refrigerators could be used to store pharmacy and biological materials in hospitals and laboratories as well.

Five Alarm Functions

High and low temperature alarms, power failure alarm, door ajar alarm, low battery, sensor failure alarm

Forced Air coolingIntelligent controlled fan, forced air cooling system keeps inside temperature stable and uniform

Stable Performance

4±1℃ inside, inner door with electric heating free from condensation


Advanced Cooling System

Ensure temperature fast recover and stability by intelligent controlled fan forced air cooling system,air cooled chiller finned evaporator with unique circulation system design to ensure frost-free cooler environment,double-layer vacuum electric heating glass door,ensure the door will not get condensation under high temperature and high humidity environment.

Precised Microcomputer temperature control

Microprocessor-based temperature controller,digital temperature display,accuracy is 0.1℃

Excellent refrigeration layout,inside temeprature is 4±1℃.

Exclusive patented temperature box design reveal the real temperature of the blood in storage

4 temperature probes, 2 for display, 2 for programming and alarm, providing precisely monitoring and programming.

Operating Security

For safety and reliability,alarm modulekeepsmonitoring surroundings and system status

Two Alarm style:buzzing,flashing

Alarms:High/Low temperature alarms,power failure alarm for 72 hours,sensor failure alarm,door ajar alarm,condenser abnormal alarm,low battery alarm.

Humanized Design

Foam-glass door, keep cooling performance without any affection on monitoring

Adjustable shelves improve space utilization.

Equipped baskets for blood bags.

Safety lock design prevents any abnormal door status.

Test hole optional

Adjustable shelves design.

Lights inside make everything clear.

Foam glass door design,independent inner doors, self-closed doors ensure perfect insulation performance.

Patented temperature box design,make the display temperature closer to the storage blood

Sus inner tank

Wide voltage range from 187V~242V.

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