DFC-500 Ductless filtered storage cabinet

DFC series ductless storage cabinet is composed of fans and high efficiency filtration system that is designed to absorb the gas volatilized from chemicals and medicine. The toxic gas in the cabinet is filtered and vented as clean gas through the ultra-silent fans, meanwhile, the negative pressure is formed inside the cabinet, and the harmful gas flows into the cabinet through the bottom inlet to form the circulation, therefore, the indoor air and the volatile gas in the cabinet is purified, and the operator’s health is safeguarded.

In addition, the black UV-proof door can be provided according to customer’s requirement in order to guarantee the storage condition of chemicals and medicine


Application, EMC, drug control authority, CDC, QC system, institute, colleges and universities.

Hospital and museum

Enterprise : bio-pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetics, petroleum and chemical industry

Others: Public security system etc.


The advanced high efficiency filtration technology that replaces traditional duct-type storage system provides you with a safer and more efficient choice, which needs neither duct nor air purification facilities so as to greatly reduce the cost

Modular design

You only spend about 30 minutes to install the ductless storage cabinet with simple tools after you receive our product. As soon as the cabinet is installed, just connect the standard power supply, then the ductless storage cabinet can safely and efficient work

Air purification

Filtered storage cabinet is applied to purify toxic gases of chemicals in the laboratory for 24 hours, and protect lab operators from contacting toxic and hazardous gases


Fans are imported from German and can be used more than 60000 hours (about 6 years) without any spark or static electricity.

High efficiency filters are imported from America and the absorption efficiency, complies with AFNOR NFX-211 and BS7989 Britain Standard with the life span more than 1.5 years.

Fan adjusting function that allows the fan speed can be adjusted as per the condition of reagent stored in the cabinet so as to extend the life span of fans and filters.

Detect the saturation of the filter.

LCD screen, beautiful panel, easy operation and unmanned function that easily let you customize on/off time.

Transparent Acrylic door with classic narrow design for preventing corrosion, easily medicine checking and access.

The information just as cabinet model, installed filter Lot NO., date of installation and expiry date, can be got through this label that reminds customers to replace filters in time.

The shelf consists of antisepsis coated plates, which resists acid or alkali. The spacing between shelves can be adjusted and the load of each plate is more than 50KG.

To prevent the liquid from corroding the cabinet. There is equipped an antisepsis storage box at the bottom of the cabinet

Guarantee the safety of stored medicine

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