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Ningbo Golden Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

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Ningbo Golden Industrial Products Co., Ltd. has focused on top quality hardware parts and machining products for over 10 years in China. We started as a small operation,Website:, but now had been the sub-supplier of Lime, Segway-NineBot and Shimadzu, etc., who are the International companies. Now, Ningbo Golden Industrial Products Co., Ltd. has been one of the top producers of quality scooter parts and balance car parts, such as: bearing hosing, steering bushing, and aluminum alloy bracket


Mold Spare And Parts Machining
Mold Spare And Parts Machining 1. 100% quality guarantee2. 100% genuine material3. Tolerance 0.005~0.1mm4. Small order accepted5. Free sample or refund when order comfirmed6. Hig...
Exhaust Plug
Exhaust Plug A venting plug for metal gravity casting and pressure casting molds,Website:, especially suitable  for installation at the end of the mold cavity a...
Guide Bushings
Guide Bushings Non-standard guide bushings are available.Material: brass,Website:, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, plastic(POM,PE,NYLON,ABS,PVC) etc.Surf...
Positioning Block
Positioning Block Produce according to the drawings and samples.1. Using rust-proof and wear-resistant material;2. Vacuum treatment with well-balanced hardness;3. Hi...
Locating Ring
Locating Ring A locating ring is a circular member fitted on to the front face of the mold over the sprue bush. Its purpose is to register (or locate) the mold i...