Anamorphic Prism

Anamorphic Prism

An anamorphic prism pairis a pair of prisms which is usually used for reshaping the profile of a laser beam. For example, the elliptical beam from a laser diode can be transformed into a beam with circular cross-section, as is needed for many applications, by using an optical prism pair as a prism beam expanderfor only one direction (e.g., the horizontal one). Of course, one can also just modify the ellipticity, or convert a circular beam into an elliptical one.

Description of anamorphic prism

Diode lasers usually have elliptical beam profiles. In most cases, though, the shape of the circular beam is required, such as pattern matching with the external resonator to make the beam size adapt to the small aperture through the isolator. A deformed pair of prisms is used to transform an elliptical laser diode beam into an approximately circular beam to amplify an elliptical beam in one dimension.

Specifications Of Anamorphic Prism

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