Other Raw Material

There are many different types of raw materials that HUARO handles.With reliable resources we provide our customers with superior raw materials to make steel,for example cooper cathode,aluminum ingot and cement clinker etc. The raw materials are metallic and non-metallic products of various shapes and sizes, which can be used in construction, manufacturing, packaging, etc.

Aluminum ingots are used to make parts and provide structural support.

Brass and copper are conductive metals commonly used in electrical components.

Cement clinker are the most important material for the production of cement.Currently due to the strict environmental protection policy in China the more economic choice is the imported cement clinker instead of purchasing domestically.

These raw materials are the mostly needed industrial raw material in China. Widely applied in the electricity, machinery, construction and automotive industry.

Brief Introduction of the Raw Material Business

Currently China is experiencing shortages in 11 metals that are critical for the development of the Chinese economy. China is the world’s largest user of iron, copper, lead and zinc.According to the index database of OECD(Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), China's top 5 Commodity imported raw materials also ranks some top place in the world calculation ranks. The Commodity Amount (annually) includes Mineral fuels including oil $116.2 billion, Iron ore $57.1 billion, Copper & Copper Ore $53.2 billion, Oil Seeds e.g. canola $38.3 billion and Coal $11.5 billion.

HUARO'S Current Situation for the Industrial Raw Material

Huaruo (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd. committed to introduce the most competitive & urgently needed raw materials and semi-finished products to Chinese market. Now we have conducted several superior resources including mineral fuels gas, iron ore (include deep processing DRI ,steel pellet,hot briquitted iron), pure Copper cathode sheet.

HUARUO is a professional hbi plant, we provide hbi iron ore,steel slab, steel billets, hot rolled steel, hot rolled coil, cold rolled steel, cold rolled steel coil and etc. Want to know more, please contact us.

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