Industrial Style Wardrobe

The design concept of the post-modern industrial decoration style wardrobe - emphasizing the metaphor of form, symbol and culture, and the decoration of history. The postmodern wardrobe design uses many metaphorical visual symbols in the works, emphasizing the historical and cultural aspects, and affirming the symbolic role of decoration for vision. Decoration returns to interior design, and the decoration awareness and techniques have a new The expansion of space, the transparent space composed of light, shadow and building components has become an important means of large decoration. The decoration of the post-modern design movement provides a diverse environment for the fusion of various styles, so that different styles coexist, and this shared relationship is close to the meaning and habits of the occupants.

Types of IndustrialWardrobe


What is an Industrial-style Wardrobe Closet & Armoire?

From the perspective of building materials, most of the industrial-style wardrobes retain part of their original appearance. For example, the walls are left bare without any decoration, or decorated with brick designs or paint, or replaced with concrete walls; the beams are rusted and look dilapidated. Industrial style decoration is inseparable from metal, but metal furniture is too cold and can be matched with wood or leather elements. Log furniture is also common in industrial style, especially those old wood, which has more texture.

How Much Space is Available for anIndustrial Style WardrobeCloset?

The position of the bedroom wardrobe should first avoid the opening range of the bedroom door leaf, avoid the situation where the wardrobe tops the door of the bedroom, and ensure the smooth flow of the basic movement. The window is the source of natural lighting in the space, and the height of the wardrobe is generally more than 2 meters high. If the wardrobe is placed next to the window, it will block the lighting of the window, so the wardrobe in the bedroom generally cannot be next to the wall of the window. There needs to be a certain amount of room for movement when opening the closet and arranging clothes, so a 60-70cm moving line needs to be reserved between the bed and the closet, so that it will not affect daily traffic, and will not interfere with the open closet door and the bed. conflict, making the wardrobe more convenient to use.

How Much Space is Available for a Industrial Style Wardrobe Closet?

Industrial Wardrobe Design

We can find such a situation in many industrial-style decoration renderings, that is, the industrial-style exterior design is very unique, and some of them use brick design, that is, do not add any wall decoration design or paint decoration on the surface, Just use it's original unfinished surface, the beams are also rusty, very dilapidated. However, this feeling is one of the design elements that industrial style wardrobes must have. Decadent texture is also the biggest feature of industrial style wardrobes.

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