Full-auto C/Z Purlin Forming Machine

Full-auto C/Z changeable purlin machine can produce both C and Z purlin with different specifications in one machine. The change from C and Z will be done by simple manualy adjustment. There is also not necessary to change the rollers if producing different size of C or Z purlins. It can automatically cut to length, punch and form, workers just need to input the length, hole distance, quantity,etc into the control system.

Technical parameter


Work piece thickness

Q 235 : 1.6 ~ 3.2 mm; Q 345 :1.6 ~ 2.6 mm

Hole punching horizontal adjustment range

(when conventional punching φ14) 45 ~ 360 mm

Plate length

> 3 m

Maximum forming speed C / Z purlins

25 m / min

Forming stands


Working flow

De-coil→Panel guiding→Panel leveling→Punch to length→Cut to length→Roll forming →Panel run out table

Components for theFull-auto C/Z changeable purlin machine


1 set Uncoiler with hydraulic binder arm


1 set

Leveling device

1 set

Punching device

1 set (2 units)

Flat cutting device

1 set

Roll forming system

1 set

Hydraulic system

1 set

Electronic control system

1 set

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